Naksha - ERP for Real Estate

Naksha – ERP for Real Estate

Naksha – ERP for Real Estate is a revolutionary tool that helps builders, property manager, brokers as well as landlords to ease and effectively manage their property business.  It helps builders to manage data of property address, ownership history, amenities, utilities etc and also maintain records of legal documents, agreements, property documents, loan functions and relationship with prospective and existing customers. With its Property Management and CRM function, ERP works as a wonder for Real Estate Owners in property market.

Some notable roles that ERP perform that help in Real-estate Business Management are as below

  • Naksha – ERP for Real Estate takes care of complete legal formalities and storage of legal information and liaison activities
  • Helps to plan budget and allocate resources as per the requirement of location and projects
  • Allows remote access through web to help builders and property owners monitor work and track progress of projects
  • Helps in activities such as planning, enquiry, quotation, ordering, material receipt and payment of materials and other purchases
  • Assists in estimation, costing, planning, scheduling and execution of construction projects
  • Facilitates managing data of employees and labour as well other partners involved in particular construction project
  • Aids in planning designs and structural layouts of construction projects
  • Mobile ERP integrated with Map allows customers as well as owners to view exact location of property and know distance from particular point
  • Integrated CRM supports Pre-sales to Post- sales activities
  • With ERP, real estate companies can also keep a bird’s eye on expenses and track financial accounts

Overall to say, with these varied roles of ERP, it has become an indispensible part for Real Estate Business. It not only helps automate the process of construction business but also manages it with efficient handling of customers and their requirements.

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